Phoenix Park

Located at the very entrance in Nice (on the east side of Promenade des Anglais), very close to the airport, for that matter, the Phoenix Park is one of the... Phoenix Park

Botanical Garden of Nice

Located on the east side of Nice, in a hilly region, north of the Phoenix Park, the Botanical Garden of Nice was set up in 1983, and ever since it... Botanical Garden of Nice

Albert I Garden

The Albert I Garden neighbors on Place Massena, a short walk north from Promenade des Anglais, in the very center of the city, and it is one of the... Albert I Garden

Castle Park

The Castle Park (Parc du Chateau), also referred to as the Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau) by force of the fact it is the highest altitude in Vieux Nice (92... Castle Park

Cimiez Arenas and Gardens

The arenas and gardens of Cimiez do not refer to a compact park easily distinguishable from the rest of its surroundings, but to the entire patrimony of gardens from this... Cimiez Arenas and Gardens

Mount Boron Park

Mount Boron is located in east Nice, and it attains a maximum height of 191 meters. Chateau de l’Anglais and the Grotto of Lazaret are two of the most significant... Mount Boron Park

Valrose Garden

The Valrose Garden is, together with Chateau de Valrose, part of a domain declared a historical monument in 1991. The castle and the garden were designed and built at the... Valrose Garden

Massena Palace Gardens

The Massena Palace (or Villa Massena, as it is often referred to by the locals) is at present home to the Museum of Art and History of Nice. Its fortunate... Massena Palace Gardens

Vigier Park

The Vigier Park is neither one of the largest nor one of the oldest parks in Nice. Located close to the seashore on the east side of Port de Nice... Vigier Park

Tripods' Park

The Tripods’ Park is located some 4 kilometers north from the center of Nice, a location which obstructs the tourist visibility of the venue. However, this green park laid out... Tripods' Park

Chambrun Park

Located northwest from the Valrose Garden, the Chambrun Park became the property of the city of Nice in 1920. Until then, it belonged to two private owners (Count of Chambrun... Chambrun Park

Doctor Jean Guillaud Park

The Doctor Jean Guillaud Park was set up in 2008 by the city of Nice in the memory of Jean Guillaud, a notable local figure who contributed to the welfare... Doctor Jean Guillaud Park

Parc du Castel des Deux Rois

Parc du Castel des Deux Rois (meaning the Park of the Castle of the Two Kings, though the translation is rarely used in reference to this venue) nestles between the... Parc du Castel des Deux Rois

Liserons Hill Park

Located about 500 meters northwest from the Nice Observatory, the Liserons Hill Park is green area the locals of the Liserons neighborhood can explore at leisure when they search for... Liserons Hill Park

General Lecuyer Park

The General Lecuyer Park is one of the farthermost parks in Nice, as compared with the geographical location of the center of the city. It is located, in fact, closer... General Lecuyer Park

Carol of Romania Park

The Carol of Romania Park is located in the vicinity of the International Museum of Naïve Art of Nice, in the district of Fabron. It opened in 1978 and it... Carol of Romania Park

Villa Paradiso Park

Located north from Vieux Nice, some 200 meters east of the Marc Chagall National Museum of Biblical Message, the Villa Paradiso Park fills a surface of 1.6 hectares. It became... Villa Paradiso Park

Alsace Lorraine Garden

The Alsace Lorraine Garden is one of the oldest public gardens in Nice. Opened in 1885 and subsequently named after the two historical provinces invaded by the Germans, the garden... Alsace Lorraine Garden

Hoirs de Cessole Garden

The Hoirs de Cessole Garden is neither the most spectacular public garden in Nice nor the largest. It does, however, contribute to the general greenery of the city with its... Hoirs de Cessole Garden

Marshal Juin Garden

The Marshal Juin Garden neighbors on the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art of Nice, which offers a striking view of the garden from its rooftop terraces, and on the... Marshal Juin Garden

General Thiole Garden

The General Thiole Garden is located about 200 meters north of the Basilica of Notre Dame de Nice. The garden is pegged out by old specimens of yew and... General Thiole Garden

Theodore de Banville Garden

Theodore de Banville is known to people studied in the field of the French literature as one of the most notable creators and critics of the 19th century. His contribution... Theodore de Banville Garden

Maurice Mouchan Garden

Maurice Mouchan made his way through as public figure in Nice as soldier in the Second World War and deputy mayor of Nice. He was also involved in supporting the... Maurice Mouchan Garden

Jacques Fella Garden

The Jacques Fella Garden is one of the few public venues in Nice were bowling is available. It is the westernmost garden in Nice, and it also features a kids’... Jacques Fella Garden

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