Mount Boron is located in east Nice, and it attains a maximum height of 191 meters. Chateau de l’Anglais and the Grotto of Lazaret are two of the most significant attractions on its slopes, but the Mount Boron Park, which is the largest park in east Nice (covering a surface of 57 hectares) is definitely worth searching out.

The arboretum proper consists of carob trees and wild olives, which is not, if truth be told, so spectacular (at least scientifically speaking). However, the park is laid out with alleys meandering through the lush and refreshing greenery, dotted with picnic areas and sports tracks, as well as with parking lots. These amenities turn the park into an appealing leisure complex.

On top of that, the park stands out as an excellent lookout from where the city of Nice and the neighboring bay of Villefranche sur Mer are perfectly visible. Furthermore, Fort du Mont Alban is located nearby (about 1.5 kilometers north of the park). Parc du Castel des Deux Rois is also in the proximity, enjoying both the wooded backdrop of the Mount Boron Park and the openness of the seascape.

Mount Boron Park (Parc du Mont Boron / Foret Communale du Mont Boron)
Mont Boron, Nice, France
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