Nice is a worldwide popular destination, its tourist achievements being owed to several aspects understandably deemed magnets for visitors. Shopping and nightlife, attractions and sightseeing, the beaches and the fortunate location on the French Riviera (close to Cannes and Monaco, for instance), all these contribute to the tourist reputation Nice has gained in time.

However, the wholesome climate conditions are the ones which turn Nice into an all-season destination. Indeed, the pleasant Mediterranean climate is characterized by mild winter temperatures (which stabilize to an average of 9 degrees Celsius, but never drop below 4 degrees Celsius), hot and sunny summer days (and average value of 22 degrees Celsius in terms of air temperatures) and consistent rainfall in autumn (though the general rainfall level is fairly low). Spring in Nice is ideal for sightseeing, since the water temperature is quite low march to may, which renders swimming rather impracticable.

Another climatic feature of Nice refers to the mistral, a strong dry wind which occasionally reaches Nice, though the city is sheltered against such stormy blows by the geographical set (a hilly region stretching north of Nice).

For a complete and updated weather forecast for Nice, including air and water temperatures, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and rainfall, follow the links provided below:

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