Place Massena

Place Massena is the largest square in Vieux Nice, but, on top of that, most visitors of Nice agree that is also the most spectacular and the most representative of... Place Massena

Place du Palais de Justice

Place du Palais de Justice does not enjoy a high tourist rating only by force of its inner attractions, but also due to the fact it benefits from a virtually... Place du Palais de Justice

Place Arson

Located north from Port de Nice, just about 200 meters from the Church of Notre Dame du Port, Place Arson is, perhaps, one of the squares the locals of Nice... Place Arson

Place Ile de Beaute

Place Ile de Beaute (also referred to as Place du Port) is the very square which flanks the north quay of Port de Nice (Quai Cassini). Built some several decades... Place Ile de Beaute

Place Garibaldi

Place Garibaldi is one of the oldest and the largest squares in Nice. It was designed by Antonio Spinelli in the second half of the 18th century. It is not... Place Garibaldi

Francis Giordan Esplanade

The esplanade bears the name of Francis Giordan, a public figure of Nice involved in the building of the Acropolis. Given his achievements for the city, Nice thought it proper... Francis Giordan Esplanade

Dominique Durandy Garden

The Dominique Durandy Garden is, to the eyes of a newcomer, more of a flower garden the highlights of which refer to the rosarium and to the colored blooming cascades... Dominique Durandy Garden

Normandy-Niemen Escadrille Garden

Located in the close vicinity of Place Arson, the Normandy-Niemen Escadrille Garden is a shaded place lined with limes and embellished with ornamental pergolas. It is often frequented by bowling... Normandy-Niemen Escadrille Garden

Marshall Leclerc Garden

The Marshall Leclerc Garden is yet another small green jewel of Nice. It is located less than 100 meters west from the Cathedral of Sainte Reparate, and it is centrally... Marshall Leclerc Garden

Marcel Kirchner Garden

The name of Marcel Kirchner, a Brussels-born Nicois retained by the local history due to the fact he coordinated the embellishment works of Promenade des Anglais and of other thoroughfares... Marcel Kirchner Garden

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