The arenas and gardens of Cimiez do not refer to a compact park easily distinguishable from the rest of its surroundings, but to the entire patrimony of gardens from this hilly district in northeast Nice. Some might even use the term to designate the entire district of Cimiez.

However, the greenery as such is delineated by the garden of the Franciscan Monastery of Cimiez (beautifully pegged out by a rosarium, fruit trees and dotted with all sorts of artifacts and symbols related to the monastic life, such as a sundial) and to an olive grove. The arenas designate the vestiges of the ancient Roman amphitheater. At present, this archeological site (which pertains to the Archeology Museum of Nice-Cimiez) is where the Nice Jazz Festival is organized.

Obviously, the gardens of Cimiez contribute to the tourist appeal of the district, providing a beautiful set for people who like to simply stroll around and enjoy the tranquility of the place, not to mention the fact the Matisse Museum complements the sightseeing tour with its specific highlights.

Cimiez Arenas and Gardens (Arenes et Jardins de Cimiez)
Cimiez, Nice, France
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