The Valrose Garden is, together with Chateau de Valrose, part of a domain declared a historical monument in 1991. The castle and the garden were designed and built at the same time, between 1867 and 1870. The garden required the contribution of Joseph Carles, a horticulturist who had also designed the gardens of Monte-Carlo. The beauty of this garden has reached the ears of Queen Victoria who, as the story goes, used to stroll around in the park during her stays in Nice.

Indeed, besides the floral asset (chiefly consisting of palm trees and sundry species brought from Italy, olive trees included), the garden is profusely embellished with all sorts of ornamental artifacts and complexes: statues, fountains, artificial waterfalls, caves, gazebos, and even a pond. A later addition refers to a decorative portal designed by Marcel Biasini in 1881 and placed at one of the entrances.

Valrose Garden (Jardin de Valrose)
Avenue Valrose, 06100, Nice, France
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