The Castle Park (Parc du Chateau), also referred to as the Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau) by force of the fact it is the highest altitude in Vieux Nice (92 meters above the sea level), is the place where the ruins of the former Chateau de Nice can be spotted. It is deemed one of the top tourist attractions in Nice, an objective not to be missed out by the visitors of the French Riviera. It's not just its inner highlights which recommend the park as a tourist must-see, but also the fact the park is one of the best lookouts in Nice, opening the view all the way to Promenade des Anglais and Baie des Anges (west) and Port de Nice (at east).

The history of the park goes all the way back to the beginning of the 19th century, when the city of Nice was facing the challenge to turn the site of the former castle into a pleasant leisure and tourist area. Thus, at present, the Castle Park is not just just a mere archeological site. Next to the vestiges of Chateau de Nice, tourists can admire further landmarks of historical importance: the Belanda Tower (Tour Belanda) and the Cemetery (split into three sections: a Jew section, a Protestant section and a Catholic section). Cascade Dijon (which is an artificial waterfall) also counts as one of the chief highlight of the park.

On the other hand, sightseeing is not the only activity one can delight in when visiting Parc du Chateau. The place is set up with plenty of kids' playgrounds and meandering alleys, not to mention the fact that, in the event the climbing of the hill seems too tiresome, one can reach the top of the hill by means of a mini-train, of the so-called Ascenseur du Chateau or they can simply take a cab.

Castle Park (Parc du Chateau / Colline du Chateau)
Montee du Chateau, Vieux Nice, 06300, Nice, France
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