The tourist reputation of Promenade des Anglais has gone beyond the French or European borders. At present, the famed promenade is a landmark of Nice, from both an infrastructural and a tourist point of view. In fact, its importance for the commercial and tourist platform of the city is reflected by its structure and use.

The project of building a promenade along the seashore dates back to the early 19th century. It was initiated by the English aristocracy that had previously acquired a taste for spending their vacations in Nice, and rapidly embraced by the local authorities who gradually turned the initial suggestion into one of the most exemplary promenades on the French Riviera. In honoring Englishmen's idea of building such a thoroughfare, the city of Nice deemed it proper to name the street Camin des Angles (a name it kept until 1860, after which it changed to the current appellation).

Thus, at present, Promenade des Anglais stretches from the airport (west) to Quai des Etats Unis (east, close to Port de Nice), amounting to 7 kilometers in length. This two-way street (each way featuring at least 3 lanes, and sometimes even 6 lanes on certain sections) is lined with attractions, being in itself one of the top tourist sights in Nice.

For instance, the south way of the Prom’ (as locals often refer to this street) is laid out with cycle paths and footpaths and dotted with kiosks, pergolas and palm trees. The legendary blue lounge chairs of the promenade give strollers the opportunity to sit, relax and enjoy the view of Baie des Anges.

On top of that, by following the promenade, visitors have the opportunity to stumble on some of the top attractions and architectural marvels of Nice. First of all, it’s the beaches. Most of the beaches in Nice (either private or otherwise) nestle between Baie des Anges and Promenade des Anglais being accessible from the promenade side. Secondly, sights like the Phoenix Park with its imposing Museum of Asian Arts, Palais de la Mediterranee and Hotel Negresco, all are accessible from the proud promenade.

On top of that, the street is lined with bars and restaurants where tourists can relax and have a refreshment. Plenty of the bike stands managed by Velo Bleu are also located on Promenade des Anglais. The promenade obviously has something to offer to everyone: it is ideal for sightseeing tours, it provides access to the beach and it is practicable for roller-skaters and cyclists.

The promenade is also the place where sundry top events are organized: the increasingly popular Prom Classic and the Carnival of Nice, just to list two of the highlights of the local calendar.

Promenade des Anglais (Englishmen’s Promenade)
Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France
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