Standing as one of the newest museums in Nice, the Museum of Asian Arts is, at the same time, a striking highly modern architectural structure. It was designed by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, and, by the vigor of its architectural contour, it overlooks the nature set it is located in: the Phoenix Park, on the lake shore.

The mission of this museum is to provide a comprehensive picture of the spectrum of Asian arts, reuniting collections of works which date back to centuries and millenniums ago and collections of contemporary works. The origin and the nature of the works (either fine or applied arts, either performing or visual arts) are not taken into account, as long as they are representative creations.

Some of the highlights of the museum refer to the Tea Pavilion and the Tea Ceremony, but visitors might also want to visit the venue when activities clustered under the category of Gestes d’Asie (Asian Gestures) are organized, in order to admire Asian artists perform right in front of them.

Keen Asian art collectors can also purchase sundry items from the boutique set up in the museum.

Museum of Asian Arts (Musee des Arts Asiatiques)
405, Promenade des Anglais, Arenas, 06200, Nice, France
0033 04 9229 3700
0033 04 9229 3701

Opening hours:daily (except Tuesdays): May 2nd to October 15th, 10am to 6pm; October 16 to April 30th, 10am to 5pm.

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