Located some 2 kilometers north of Vieux Nice, Cimiez is a hilly district in Nice standing out by its tranquility and serene atmosphere. The history of the present residential district of Cimiez goes back to antiquity, when the former Cemenelum used to be the center of the Roman dominion in the region.

Nowadays Cimiez and Vieux Nice are two of the most prized tourist district of Nice, amassing the highest concentration of top attractions.

Of course, Cimiez does not enjoy the tourist reputation the historical district of Nice enjoys, but it does feature a handful of high rated attractions. Of these, the Cimiez Arenas and Gardens, the Franciscan Monastery with its Franciscan Museum, the Archeological Museum of Nice-Cimiez and, of course, the reputed Matisse Museum, are the tourist highlight of the district. And, let’s not forget, it is in Cimiez (in the cemetery of the Franciscan Monastery) that Matisse, next to other prominent 20th century artists, is buried.

The Valrose Castle and the Valrose Garden, as well as the Excelsior Regina Palace (all these declared historical monuments), are also located in Cimiez. Obviously, a stroll in Cimiez can cater for all sorts of sightseeing tours, not to mention the fact this district is also the place were sundry local events are held, such as the May Celebrations, the Gourd Festival and the Nice Jazz Festival.

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