The Museum of Natural History of Nice was founded in 1846 by the grace of Jean Baptiste Barla and Jean Baptiste Verany. As it seems, it is one of the oldest museums in Nice, and a must-visit for all people who harbor at least a faint interest in natural history.

The zoological, the vegetable and the geological collections are the main highlights of the museum, but visitors can also check out the drawing gallery, the photo gallery and the collection of mushroom models by Jean Baptiste Barla. The museum’s library contains works and publications in the field.

The bottom line is these collections amount to thousands of exhibits meant to recreate or to exemplify sundry habitats on Earth (Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean, Australia, Africa), and to draw the public’s attention to the frailty of certain life forms and ecosystems.

Museum of Natural History (Musee d’Histoire Naturelle)
60, Blvd, Risso, 06300, Nice, France
0033 04 9713 4680
0033 04 9713 4685
Opening hours:
daily (except Mondays and public holidays): 10am to 6pm
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