Neighboring on the Matisse Museum, the Archeology Museum of Nice-Cimiez is located right on the site of the former Cemenelum, the hub of the Roman dominion in the region. The archeological findings excavated here range from tools to jewelry and to everything in between (coins, pottery, sculptures). Obviously, the collection of exhibits is as miscellaneous as to be able to provide a clear picture of the life of the ancient inhabitants, to the full extent of its spectrum: economic, social, cultural, spiritual.

The vestiges of the 3rd century public baths and of the Roman amphitheater, along with other sites substantiating the continuity of the human inhabitation of the place for centuries (paved streets, an Early Christian site), are also opened to visits. Eventually, exhibits of sundry private archeological collections can also be admired here.

Archeology Museum of Nice-Cimiez (Musee Archeologique de Nice Cemenelum)
160, Avenue des Arenes, 06100, Nice, France
0033 04 9381 5957
0033 04 9381 0800
Opening hours:
daily (except Mondays and public holidays): 10am to 6pm
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