The present Prefecture Palace of Nice has played a leading role in the administrative and political history of the city since the early 17th century. The date of its construction remains uncertain, but what is certain is the building was used as residence by the Dukes of Savoy during their constant visits and stays in Nice for 250 years (from 1610 to 1860). Hence, it was called the Royal Palace, the Palace of the Dukes of Savoy or the Palace of the Kings of Sardinia. Since 1861 until now it has been accommodating the headquarters of the Prefecture of the Maritime Alps Department of France (Prefecture des Alpes-Maritimes).

Architecturally speaking, the current Prefecture Palace does not retain much of the former Palais Royal. In fact, the repeated restoration works carried out throughout the centuries have screened or completely removed most of the original architectural elements. In spite of this evidence, certain sections of the edifice (the main staircase, the fa├žade and the roof, for instance) do enjoy the statute of historical monument (declared as such in 1996).

Prefecture Palace (Palais de la Prefecture / Palais Prefectoral)
10, Rue Prefecture, 06300, Nice, France
0033 04 9385 2789
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