Fort du Mont Alban is not located in the city of Nice proper, but in the nearby locality of Agradavel, some 2 kilometers east of Nice, though, administratively speaking, it pertains to the commune of Nice. Built by order of Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy, between 1557 and 1560, Fort du Mont Alban is one of the most exemplary French military architectural structures dating back to the 16th century.

The purpose of its construction was, of course, of military nature: to reinforce the defense line considerably debilitate as a result of the siege of Nice (in 1543). But what is striking about Fort du Mont Alban is it has survived, as said, in good condition, despite the fact it was considerably affected in World War Two.

At present, Fort du Mont Alban is one of the best lookouts on the French Riviera. This feature is owed to its location on a 220 meters high hilly region from where visitors can see virtually the entire Nice at west and Baie des Anges at east.

The edifice was declared a historical monument in 1909, whereas and its surroundings (a surface of 250 square meters) have attained the same statute) in 1923. Fort du Mont Alban obviously stands out as an excellent daytrip idea for people who vacation in Nice.

Fort du Mont Alban
06032, Agradavel, France
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