Built in between 1895 and 1897 as a hotel for the royal faces and for the rich aristocracy who used to visit Nice in the late 19th century, the Excelsior Regina Palace is at present an apartment building which has lost nothing of its past architectural splendor. It is located in the hilly and tranquil Cimiez.

The history of the construction of the Excelsior Regina Palace is related to the name of Queen Victoria of England who promised she would visit the French Riviera more often provided that a royal residence to match her reputation was built. The building bristles with decorative elements characteristic of the Belle Epoque period. Lush bas-reliefs, glass marquees, picturesque attics and oriels peg out the white fa├žade of the building.

Parts of the Excelsior Regina Palace and the garden stretching in front of it, including the marble statute which depicts Queen Victoria (a monument placed at one of the garden entrances) enjoy the statute of historical monument. They were listed as such in 1992.

Excelsior Regina Palace
71, Boulevard Cimiez, 06000, Nice, France
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