The Marshal Juin Garden neighbors on the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art of Nice, which offers a striking view of the garden from its rooftop terraces, and on the so-called Bibliotheque Municipale a Vocation Regionale. The Marshal Juin Garden does not strike by its size (since the surface it fills doesn’t even amount to one hectare), but, on the other hand, it is deemed one of the most stunningly beautiful flower gardens in Nice.

And, indeed, the garden is famed for its lush colored flowerbeds one can enjoy admiring while strolling on the winding alleys of the venue. The cascade of scents and the splendid array of colors entitle the garden to be ranked one of the top attractions in Nice, at least as far as public gardens and parks are concerned.

Marshal Juin Garden (Jardin Marechal Juin)
52-62, Blvd. Risso, Nice, France
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