Quai de Rauba Capeu (or, simpler, Quai Rauba Capeu) is the road section which delineates the geographical curvature the seashore described right before the entrance to Port de Nice. Unlike Promenade des Anglais or Quai des Etats Unis, Quai de Rauba Capeu was built no sooner than 2003, after two years of construction works.

Given its higher altitude, Quai de Rauba Capeu provides ample views of Baie des Anges. At the same time, it is fitted with cycle paths and a promenade, which is why cyclists and people who simply enjoy strolling around should definitely search out this part of Nice.

The Monument to the Dead is located on this quay, not to mention the Castle Hill and its wealth of attractions, as well as the tourist sights in Vieux Nice, are all within reach, at a short walking distance.

Quai de Rauba Capeu (Rauba Capeu Quay)
Quai de Rauba Capeu, Nice, France

Quai de Rauba Capeu, Nice, France

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