Located northwest from the Valrose Garden, the Chambrun Park became the property of the city of Nice in 1920. Until then, it belonged to two private owners (Count of Chambrun and Count Cais de Pierlas). The original owner turned the former agricultural field into an elaborately landscaped garden which, together with the villa built by the same count, became a notable hub of the social and cultural life of Nice.

The second owner, Count Cais de Pierlas, turned the venue into a botanical garden, but some of the original elements of the garden have managed to survive. For instance, the Temple of Love (Temple de l’Amour) is a monument built by Count of Chambrun for his wife, standing out as the main highlight of the park.

The greenery consists of typical Mediterranean species, as well as of foreign specimens: cedars, cypresses, pine trees, yews. At present, the park is laid out with alleys and kids' playgrounds.

Chambrun Park (Parc Chambrun)
14, Avenue Chateaubriand, Nice, France
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