Declared a historical monument in 1991, the Church of Notre Dame du Port was built between 1840 and 1853. It was designed and constructed at the same time with Place Ile de Beaute (where the edifice is actually located) in the district of Port de Nice, which ensures the stylistic coherence between the church and its immediate surroundings.

The front of this neoclassical edifice consists four monumental columns which, in spite of their being added no sooner than 1893, accommodate perfectly with the architectural silhouette of the church. Notre Dame du Port is overtopped by a statue of Virgin Mary. Last, but not least, the church is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, a suggestion one might pick up only by reading the massive Latin inscription on the frontispiece of the edifice (Maria sine labe concepta O.P.N.)

Church of Notre Dame du Port (Eglise Notre Dame du Port)
8, Place Ile de Beaute, 06300, Nice, France
0033 04 9389 5305
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