The Chapel of the Holy Trinity and of the Holy Shroud belongs to the order of the Red Penitents of Nice (Penitents Rouges). The order as such formed in 1824 (by the union of three preexistent confraternities, namely, of the Holy Name of Jesus, of the Holy Shroud and of the Holy Spirit), but the chapel was built some 150 years earlier, between 1657 and 1660.

Later architectural additions and modifications refer to the massive reconstruction works carried out in the early 19th century by the plans of Paul Emile Barberis who designed the new structure in the spirit of the Neo-Classical style, screening the initial Baroque elements of the former edifice.

The chapel is located in Vieux Nice, the district which amasses the highest density of places of worship in the entire Nice. It is dedicated to the Holy Shroud, in the memory of the short stay of this prized Christian relic in Nice, on its way from Chambery to Turin.

Chapel of the Holy Trinity and of the Holy Shroud (Chapelle de la Tres Sainte Trinite e du Saint Suaire)
1, Rue du Saint Suaire, Nice, France
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