The Tritons’ Fountain is located in Jardins Albert I of Nice, which stretches between Avenue des Phoceens and Avenue de Verdun. The authorship of this marble monument remains unknown, but what is certain is the four tritons were brought from Greece by the Lascaris family.

Originally, the structure was placed in Place Saint Jean Baptiste (first half of the 19th century), but soon after removed by practical reasons (enhancement of the public traffic). It was only in the late 19th century that the sculpture found its place in Jardins Albert I, only to be removed again and sheltered in the garden of a local villa during the Second World War.

It was brought back in Jardins Albert I after the end of the war. In the mean time, it was declared a historical monument (more precisely, in 1920), which explains the care with which the local authorities understood to look after the fountain.

Tritons Fountain (Fontaine des Tritons)
Jardins Albert I, Avenue de Verdun, 06000, Nice, France
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