Chateau de Nice is, unlike most of the historical edifices of the city, more of a ruin than an actually standing tourist sight. The reputation of the castle precedes whatever has survived of the former medieval structure, which is understandable, given Chateau de Nice and its surroundings have played an important role in the military and political history of the city.

The fortress was built somewhere in the 11th century on a hilly area to military purposes. Located in Vieux Nice, it is part of the sightseeing tours in Nice only by force of the fact the so-called Parc du Chateau (or Colline du Chateau, that is, the Castle Hill) which surrounds the former fortress is one of the top tourist objectives of the city.

Chateau de Nice
Parc du Chateau, Nice, France

Parc du Chateau, Nice, France

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