The tourist popularity of Nice is owed not only to its prestige of capital of the French Riviera, but also to the plethora of tourist opportunities one can always enjoy exploring while spending their vacation in Nice. Shopping, nightlife, as well as the sightseeing tours are, thus, understandably complemented by the pleasant prospect of sunbathing on one of the worldwide famed beaches of Nice.

Indeed, east to west, virtually the entire seafront of Nice is bordered by beaches, from the airport to the old port of the city. Promenade des Anglais, which runs, at least in part, parallel to the seafront, ensures a delightful backdrop for these beaches.

Extending on approximately 7 kilometers, the beaches in Nice, either private or public, share a general feature in common: they are all pebbly, being covered with stones (galets in French) which can reach even the size of a golf ball. Some might rightfully find it uncomfortable to spend a day sunbathing in such a set, but, in order to even this drawback, the beaches are fitted with lounge chairs – the famous blue lounge chairs of Nice – one can rely on in order to avoid the stinging contact with the stones. Obviously, the beaches in Nice are not tailored for the tastes of tourists in search of velvety stretches of sand.

Nudism is far from being encouraged on the beaches in Nice. In fact, it is completely forbidden. On the other hand, the policy is entirely different when it comes to sunbathing toplessly.

As a rule, pets (dogs in particular) are not allowed on the beaches in Nice. There are, however, exceptions to this rule.

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