Why visit Vence

While the French Riviera is, for most of its visitors, the sum of all beaches and of all its shopping and nightlife opportunities, the right thing to point out is the region is, in fact, more than that. The Riviera is a place of tremendous cultural, historical and, why not, gastronomic richness, Nice itself being virtually complete from this point of view. However, certain destinations on Cote d’Azur, such as Vence, have managed to keep a striking traditional dash, while nestling in landlocked areas, far from the glitzy buzz of reputed destinations like Cannes or Monaco.

Thus, Vence, while located off the beaten tourist track of the Riviera, is a nice place to visit for people in search of something more than the mainstream opportunities of Cote d’Azur. This small town was the sheltering residence of plenty of artists, such as Martisse, Chagall, Dufy or D.H. Lawrence. Retracing the footsteps of these figures might work as a strong reason for visiting Vence.

The main sight of the town refers to its historical core, dotted with medieval buildings and vestiges of the ancient Roman civilization preserved in remarkable condition. A particular interest is drawn by the so-called Chapelle du Rosaire embellished by Matisse himself with a stunning stained glass work. While strolling around in Vence, tourists can also sample the spring water from the many fountains which can be spotted here, or they can relax and recover their strength a one of the numerous cafes set up in the historical center.

How to get from Nice to Vence

The private tours the bus companies headquartered in Nice are available to offer count as one of the most reliable solutions for people who want to visit Vence. The other alternative refers to traveling to Vence by road, by following La Provencale westwards and than taking one of the regional roads which lead to Vence. Trips should not take too much, given both the efficient road infrastructure and the short distance between Nice and Vence (Vence is located some 24 kilometers northwest of Nice).

Public buses are also available. In order to learn about their schedule, visit www.cg06.fr and www.lignesdazur.com.

Tourist information office in Vence

The contact details of the tourist information office in Vence are as follows:

Tourist Information Office of Vence (Office de Tourisme)
Station Touristique Villa Alexandrine, Place du Grand Jardin, 06140, Vence, France
0033 04 9358 4010
0033 04 9324 6907
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