Why visit Monaco

No holidaymaker on the French Riviera should decline the pleasure of visiting Monaco. The tourist prestige of the principality, built in time on the basis of its wealth of inner attractions, is complemented by the fact Monaco is located 18 kilometers east of Nice, the capital of the Riviera.

The Grand Casino is, perhaps, one of the most celebrated attractions in Monaco, not only for its historical background, but also for being a gambler’s paradise. The architectural landscape of the principality is pegged out by landmarks like the Prince’s Palace or the reputed Opera House, work of Charles Garnier, designer of Palais Garnier of Paris. Several parks and gardens can also be spotted here, as well as several museums and galleries, of which the National Museum and the Marlborough Fine Art Gallery are worth mentioning.

The worldwide famed Monaco Grand Prix and the Monte Carlo Rally are the two major sports events which peg out the local calendar, drawing crowds of enthusiasts.

Monaco is, on top of its specific attractions, a place haloed by the reputation of exclusive destination, a haven of luxury anyone can, in fact, visit and search out within the limits of an average budget.

How to get from Nice to Monaco

Most of the bus and minibus tour companies on the French Riviera generally include Monaco on their networks of suggested itineraries, which is why visitors have the opportunity of enjoying the splendid sights of Monaco, either by day or by night, regardless of the actual resort or city where they spend their vacation.

Thus, there are plenty of Nice-headquartered tour companies which provide visitors with the possibility to visit Monaco and get an insight into the charm and character of this city-state. The said companies also organize private tours on request.

But for people who want to experience Monaco on their own, without anyone else’s assistance, trains are the optimum solution. There are trains leaving from the Nice Riquier Train Station every half an hour, and the trip to Monaco takes about 20 minutes. For the complete list of trains linking Nice to Monaco, as well as for other related information (departures, arrivals, ticket prices), visit SNCF.

For more exquisite trips, tourists can also resort to the flight services provided by Heli Air Monaco and Monacair, two helicopter companies which link Monaco to other destinations on the French Riviera, Nice included.

Tourist information office in Monaco

The main tourist information office in Monaco is located in the district of Monte-Carlo.

Tourist Information Office of Monaco (Direction du Tourisme et des Congres de la Principaute de Monaco)
2a, Blvd. des Moulins, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
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